Summer 2020: Trends Part I

In Part I of the best looks for 2020, I’m sharing some of the fashion trends, which I will be wearing and reflect my personal style- sporty, comfortable and unrestrictive.

  Biker Shorts

They are probably not everyones taste, but the biker shorts have been a trend for a while now and still remain one of the most worn summer items that I keep seeing on celebrities and influencers. Plus, they are super comfortable and paired with a loose graphic T-shirt or a sweatshirt can make for the perfect casual summer look.


  Bermuda Shorts

The bermuda shorts and in particular the denim bermuda shorts are one of the biggest trends this year. I personally love it, because I’ve never been a fan of the tight short shorts, which I think we can all agree are not the most comfortable thing to wear. The bermuda shorts have a 90’s vintage vibe, which again paired with a simple top or a graphic t-shirt is a perfect combination.

   Sports Shorts

You can probably sense a trend here by now with the comfortable clothes. Sports shorts and even sports bermudas are one of the trends I’ve seen over and over on social media. Something that I’ve noticed in recent time is the shift to shopping and wearing men’s clothing, which I’m all here for.


   Tie Dye 

By far my favorite trend this year is the tie dye. Tie Dye sweatpants, hoodies, T-shirts, can make a plain outfit, a lot more fun and colourful, while not requiring much thinking and effort to put together.



This might not be for everyone but I love high socks and I think they give the whole outfit a lot more detail and can be used as an accent piece if you go with colourful socks.

  Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats came in as a big trend last year and haven’t left since. I personally love the bucket hats with strings for that extra look.


Again a bit of a controversial one, but Birkenstocks are super simple, perfect for the warm weather and can bring the whole outfit together for an effortless look.

Let me know which one of the trends is your favourite and if you have others which you are personally loving leave them below.

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