London Guide: My Favorite Places

London is one of those places you can never get sick of and there is always something do, something see. In the years I’ve spent living here, I’ve accumulated many places I love, but for this post I’ll just share some of the few that come straight to my mind.


1. The National Gallery and Trafalgar Square


Whenever I feel bored or need some inspiration, I always find myself at the National Gallery. You can spend hours looking around and still not be able to see everything. My favorite thing to do, especially when it’s sunny, is to sit outside of the gallery and just watch the people passing by. It’s situated in Trafalgar square, so obviously is super pretty and you are always going to find musicians playing there, people passing, and is a great place to sit and write, read or draw.


2. Chinatown & Prince Charles cinema


My second favorite kind of food is Chinese, so this one is kind of obvious. But the main reason for choosing Chinatown for one of my favorite places in London is the bubble tea.  My go to place is the Cuppacha Bubble tea shop, but across it there are different dessert places and bakeries that have custard fishes. Aside from the food, probably the best thing about Chinatown is the Prince Charles Cinema. They screen all kinds of classic, cult and new movies that you probably can’t see in the typical cinema an honestly if you love films it’s a must.


3. Kyoto Garden 


The Kyoto Garden in Holland Park in Kensington and is honestly one of the most beautiful places in London. It’s like a little quiet gem, hidden away from busy London and it’s perfect place to go and think and detox from the non-stop life in the city.


4. Tower Bridge Riverfront


I know it can’t get more touristy than Tower Bridge, but I love walking along the Thames and if it’s sunny sitting down on the greens with some coffee and a book. If it’s raining, which most of the time is, I love going to a cute cafe with a view and doing some work or sitting at a restaurant and having some food, listening to a podcast and just watching the world go about its business.


5. Notting Hill market

notting hill market

I’ll probably do a separate post on Notting Hill, but for now I have to mention it here as well. I have a sort of love, hate relationship with Notting Hill market. I hate how crowded it gets especially on Saturdays, but on the other hand I love strolling and looking at the different stands, eating some street food. Somehow I always end going into the smaller streets and just exploring the less busy shops and cafes, taking some pictures. I just think it’s a perfect way to spend a day off with a friend or even by yourself.

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