London Guide: Best Cafés To Do Work In

Whether it’s for university or for personal projects, I think there is nothing better than doing work at a café. I find it to be more inspiring and productive than doing work at home or in the library. In a city like London, where there are hundreds of options, it can quite overwhelming to choose one. So here are some of the places I like to go and do work in around the city.


1. The Grind (Greenwich, Covent Garden, London Bridge, Soho, Shoreditch)


The Grind is probably the coffee shop I got to do work the most. The locations I’ve been to (Covent Garden, London Bridge and Greenwich) have a great interior,food and coffee. It has unlimited wifi and is one of the only places I know that stays open late. The Shoreditch café stays open the latest (util 11pm) and the Greenwich location seems to have the most available tables and space.

Downside: It can get very busy and noisy (especially during peak hours and on weekends)

2. Joe & the Juice (locations all over the city)


Along with the Grind, Joe & The Juice is one of the places I go to the most. Probably because you can find it everywhere around the city. It has a a lot of healthy juices, food and coffee. The atmosphere is always very dynamic and usually they have bigger tables if you want to work with your friends.

Downside: It can be pretty noisy and at times difficult to find a table with an outlet.

3. Black Sheep (locations all over the city)

black sheep

This café has a similar vibe to the Grind, but still hasn’t become as popular so it’s not that crowded. While I was working during the summer, I spent many hours at the Houndsditch location. It serves great coffee and food (try the bagels) and also has a lot of free tables with outlets and wifi.

Downside: Many of the locations close quite early and don’t work on weekends

4. Söderberg Soho


I found this café last year and honestly was very pleasantly surprised. It has different Swedish food and pastries like cardamom and cinnamon buns, as well as coffee. For a place in the very heart of central London, it’s not super over crowded and has a cozy atmosphere (and outlets).

Downside: It can get expensive

5. Urban Baristas (Baywater)

urban baristas

I’ve only been here once, but it was a great place to do some work. There are tables available with outlets and the food and drink options are amazing.

Downside: The wifi expires every 2 hours and you have to get it refreshed by the employees, which can get pretty awkward.

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